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Browse our entire range of unique, custom home styling pieces and get quotes online with ease.

From country chic to penthouse luxury and everything in between, we have the furniture, art and accessories to create an iconic wow factor and leave the lasting impression you need to sell any high-end home.

Get Started Steps

Step 1. Get A Quote


Use the BMC quote page to create as many client quotations as you like.

These quotations stay in your file until you notify BMC through the booking system that you would like to confirm a quote by reserving a date for the installation.

Note: This quote menu is for your exclusive use and all quotes belong to you as the external stylists. Quotes will not be converted to orders until you notify BMC via email.

Step 2. Booking


To book a delivery date, simply email the quote generated in step 1 and your preferred date for delivery through to:

Click below to email us after completing Step 1.

Step 3. Selections

_M3A8072 (1).jpg

Time to make your selections!

Browse through our "stylists only" online store to make your selections.

Then book an appointment at the BMC warehouse to finalise your order with accessories and linen.

Note: The selections store is still under construction with stock being added daily.

Currently the selections store does NOT tell you if the stock is available for your preferred dates.


In-warehouse selections are recommended. 

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